Terms & conditions

  • This Refer a Friend offer is only open to customers with an active Foreign Currency Partners account.
  • All vouchers are issued in GBP and are non-transferable.
  • If the referee transacts more than £5,000 (in a single or multiple trade(s)) after opening an account with Foreign Currency Partners*, the referrer will be sent an Amazon voucher for the value of £50.
  • Vouchers will be sent within 30 days of the qualifying trade made by the referee.
  • Vouchers unclaimed after a six month period can no longer be redeemed.
  • The offer is only open to referrers aged 18 or older.
  • Use of the “Refer a friend” function is at the referrer’s discretion. If the referrer is not allowed, for any reason, to receive these rewards, vouchers or credits, or will unfairly or illegally benefit from receiving these rewards then they must not do so.
  • Any decisions regarding the validity of referrals are at the discretion of Foreign Currency Partners, their decision is final and binding.