Why use FCP?

Unlike many other exchange services, Foreign Currency Partners is founded post-Brexit. Everything we do is built around the here and now, so we remain smart and agile in helping you continue to fulfil your ambitions with confidence and peace of mind. We still have all the experience, expertise, specialist tools and insight you’d expect but with a very modern take and a hands-on personal touch.

Is transferring funds easier than using a bank?

Yes. Most banks are generalists, offering many services to thousands of customers large and small. They’re unlikely to have the time and manpower to offer the sort of bespoke solutions a specialist service like ours can. We are dedicated to customers who have a specific need for overseas payments. We don’t do anything else. That means we are more attentive and our service is more streamlined and cost-effective.

How does the transfer process work?

With an online account with Foreign Currency Partners, you’ll be assigned your own personal account manager. They’ll be your personal expert through the exchange market. Depending on the services you need, your account manager will find and agree rates with you and confirm your orders.

Then you will supply us with dates, amounts and beneficiary account details before sending your funds to your FCP client account. For spot contracts, your foreign currency is sent to your beneficiary account as soon as your funds have cleared*. For other contracts, funds will transfer at set dates and rates, or when the prevailing exchange rate hits a certain pre-set mark agreed with you. It can all be done over the phone or online. It’s easy.

*After receiving your funds, transfers to recipient accounts can take between 1-3 days depending on the currencies involved and the destination of the recipient account.

What security measures do you have in place?

The safety of our customers’ funds is our over-riding priority. We operate segregated client accounts adopting stringent compliance procedures. Please visit our Security page for more detail about how we keep your funds secure.

How much does it cost to make a transfer?

Whether or not you go ahead and make a transfer, opening an account with Foreign Currency Partners is easy. You are under no obligation to make a transfer, but if you do we guarantee you competitive rates.

In some cases, a third party may levy a small fee. Although this is outside our control, we will make any such charges completely clear to you from the outset.

Can I protect my transfer against market movement?

Foreign currency markets shift constantly, and often suddenly. By the law of averages this is as likely to be in your favour as against you. But for most people avoiding the negative shocks is the most important thing. We have a range of options to help give you peace of mind by fixing rates, or, if you have time, holding out for a more competitive rate. It all depends on your personal circumstances and what you need to achieve. Talk to us about the best combination for you.

How can I pick the best time to trade currency?

This is where a Foreign Currency Partners account manager comes into their own. Because they take time to get to know you, they will constantly monitor the market so you don’t have to. They’ll get in contact if the market shifts in your favour. No-one can predict exactly how a currency will perform in the future, but with FCP you will have an expert ally to help you make sure you make the most of your money.

How do I make a complaint if I am unsatisfied with my experience?

If you feel that we have not met your expectations in the delivery of our services, or if you think we have made a mistake, please let us know. You can contact us by post, email, or over the phone, Monday- Friday 9am to 5pm (excluding Bank Holidays), using the contact details set out below.

  • Write to us at Foreign Currency Partners Ltd, Sutton Court, Church Yard, Tring, HP23 5BB
  • Call us on 01442 804620, or using the number of your dedicated relationship manager
  • Email us at hello@foreigncurrencypartners.co.uk, or by using the email address of your relationship manager

We are committed to responding to all complaints within 1 business day of receipt, and we will work to resolve your complaint within 15 business days of receipt. In exceptional circumstances, where it will not be possible to resolve your complaint within 15 business days, we will advise you of the reason for this, and ultimately provide you with a final response to your complaint within 35 business days of receipt,

What if I am still not happy once you have responded to my complaint?

If you are not happy with how we have resolved your complaint, you may be entitled to escalate the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service. The Financial Ombudsman Service’s eligibility criteria and complaints form is available, here.

We work with Currencycloud, who ultimately provides you with regulated payments and e-money services for EU and US based clients. Currencycloud has certain obligations as a regulated financial services institution, including around complaints. We keep them informed of the complaints we receive from you regarding the regulated payments and e-money services they ultimately provide to you. They oversee how we handle complaints to ensure we do this to the standard required under the regulations. However, if for any reason your complaint regarding your payments and e-money services has not been acknowledged or dealt with by us, or if you have concerns about the way it has been handled, Currencycloud’s complaints information can be found here.