Timing can be everything when it comes to currency transfers. Markets change in a heartbeat and it’s hard to feel in control. Thankfully, we have a range of specialist tools to help you navigate the highs and lows with minimal risk and ensure you get the best exchange rate for high value purchases and transfers.

Currency Transfer Services

Spot contract

Perfect if you need to transfer money or want to grab an unmissable rate before the market slides. Spot contracts let you buy live at the day’s exchange rate quickly and securely. Arrange them with us by phone.


Limit order

If timescales aren’t important and you are prepared to hold out for a specific rate, a limit order could be for you. Set a target exchange rate and when the market hits that level your transfer will happen automatically.

Regular transfers

For regular transfers without the risk of budget shortfalls and missed payments, we’ll create a tailored plan to suit your needs. Our Regular Payment Service automates monthly payments at guaranteed rates.

Forward contract

If you need certainty for your prices and payments, arrange a forward contract to secure the prevailing exchange rate for up to two years. Although you won’t benefit from competitive exchange rates you are protected from negative movements in the markets. Pay a 10% deposit and transfer the rest of the funds as you need them.


Stop loss order

Got a tight budget but still hoping for a more competitive rate? A stop loss order will give you peace of mind. Set the minimum exchange rate you need and your transfer will trigger if the market falls to that level.