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Tom was recommended to me by my estate agent in France. Tom gave me great advice for when to change the money to ensure I got the best possible exchange rate.  He moved the money to the Notaires giving me adequate time to sign for the house.  I have continued to use him for all of my money transfers due to his friendly, personal and excellent service. Thankyou Tom.


Who do you turn to when you need to have a professional, efficient and effective transfer of funds across borders

Tom Taylor and his team are amazing

They are professional – Always respond to emails and offer solutions not problems or excuses

Efficient – do not take ages to have the money transferred and the process is simple

Effective – get you a good rate of exchange provided you give them enough notice I have now worked with Tom for over 4 years now and can only thank  him for his great service and advice


There are many currency exchange companies that you can use and having worked with Tom Taylor and Adam Bobroff from FCP for over 13 yrs, for both our personal and client currency needs, you simply will not find better.

They are responsive, professional and when dealing with what is probably your life savings, they simply deliver a professional cost efficient service. We would highly recommend using their services.


I would like to thank you for your efficiency and your responsiveness in following up on my client. You have been very professional and I will not hesitate to recommend your currency exchange company to other clients.


I have been working closely with Joe Mayhew and his team over 6 years and it has been a real pleasure.

All my clients who have used their services have been very satisfied. 

Businees is based on Trust and respect. 2 important values that I have found with Joe and his team.

Marie Pierre

Since our first discussion, following an introduction by Castles, you’ve been extremely helpful. Your advice was sound and you were never pushy. During a volatile time for the pound, you gave me a range of options designed to ensure that we achieved the best rate of exchange. Purchasing a property is always stressful, but adding to that the issue of it being overseas and in a different currency where the actual cost is dependent on factors outside my control can test anyone’s anxiety. However, thanks to your patience and clear explanations I feel we achieved the best deal possible. I would not hesitate to recommend you.


I was introduced to Joe Mayhew and Foreign Currency Partners by my realtor in France when I was in the process of purchasing a home in Cotignac.  At the time, I was so busy selling my house in the States and making arrangements to purchase a house in France that I didn’t take the time to explore how Joe and his company could assist me in my purchase transactions.  I was also a bit dubious about how a foreign currency transaction company could be of service to me since I was not sending large sums of money on a regular basis from the U.S. to France.  How naive I was in my misunderstanding about Joe and how his company could help me!

When I finally connected to Joe, I had already had a rude awakening to the world of international finance.  I had “assumed” that the conversion rates I saw on the internet would be exactly what I would see reflected in my wire transfers from my bank in the U.S. to France.  I was shocked to find that the internet only shows mid-range exchange rates, but there was not any guarantee that would be the rate my bank would use when exchanging my money into euros.  Joe kindly explained to me that his service included researching where he could obtain the best rates for me, verifying with me the rate prior to making the exchange, and then depositing the funds into my local French bank.  I was very pleased with the simplicity and effectiveness of working with Joe and Foreign Currency Partners.  He was able to find me the best rate at the time I needed to exchange dollars for euros, verify the rate, and then lock it in. 

Joe followed up with me on several occasions and was wonderful to work with each time.  He explained everything to me clearly and was always professional and polite.  I appreciate his assistance and can recommend consulting with him without reservation when making financial exchanges.

I want to thank both of you for your help, guidance and patience. 

Tom has been most helpful with assisting me with ensuring favorable exchange rates and kept on eye on the market fluctuations on my behalf. The process of exchange rates can be daunting. Tom’s knowledge and experience made the process so much easier for me. He took the “ worry “ out of the process.

De Anne G

Thank you for all of your help in buying the painting.

I really appreciate the guidance and service you provided !


FCP provided me with excellent service and complete knowledge into a sector I was most in the dark. Thank you Tom and the team for not only saving me a great deal of capital through transactions I would habitually make through the bank but for happily putting up with our constant questions! Truly the best and most trustworthy in the business.


I have used Foreign Currency partners for a couple of years now and would recommend them to anyone wanting to transfer funds.

The service is personable and quick and I have total confidence using this service.


I have had the great privilege of working with Tom and the team at FCP and you could not want for a better team handling your affairs. Superb service right from the start and no question however intricate goes unanswered. The team manages to tow that wonderful line between friendly and professional which makes you feel valued as a person and a customer. They are always going above and beyond the call to get the best possible result for you. I could never see myself working with anyone else.


We’ve been very pleased with the level of personal service that we’ve received. Whenever I was looking to make a currency transfer, everything was explained in very clear terms and any questions I had were fully answered. I felt I was given sound advice, particularly around the timing of any conversion, so that we were always able to make informed decisions. The onward transfer of euros to our lawyer’s client account also went through quickly and smoothly. We always received prompt notifications of the transactions. Having used FCP to help with for our property purchase in Spain, we would want to continue using them on a regular basis.

Peter and Margaret T